Bilateral intraoral coronoidectomy to successfully trea

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Bilateral intraoral coronoidectomy to successfully treat trismus secondary to bilateral coronoid hyperplasia

Nehal Doshi

Northwick Park Hospital, UK

: Dent Health Curr Res


Bilateral coronoid hyperplasia (BCH) is rare but established cause of facial pain and restricted mouth opening. It is characterized by a non-neoplastic elongation of the coronoid process into the infratemporal fossa. The corresponding interference on the zygomatic bone causes restriction in mouth opening. The bilateral form of coronoid hyperplasia occurs four times as frequently as the unilateral form. In previous reviews of the literature (McLoughlin et al, 1995) 79 cases of bilateral coronoid hyperplasia were reported until 1995 and then a further 47 cases upto 2010 (Mulder et al, 2012). The main stay of treatment is a surgical approach by peforming a coronoidotomy or coronoidectomy either via an intraoral or extraoral approach. We present a case of a 18 year old male who presented to our department with a restriction in mouth opening of 17 mm. He had associated facial pain and headaches for which he was seen by a facial pain team as well as neurology respectively. He subsequently underwent bilateral coronoidectomy via an intraoral approach. Post operative review revealed that he had resolution of trismus with a mouth opening of 34 mm and resolution of his facial pain and trismus as a result of surgical intervention.


Nehal Doshi has graduated from the prestigious Queen Mary University of London in 2017 acheiving distinction in all five years. She was awarded multiple academic prizes and accolades including best overall student 4 years out of 5; best perfomance in clinical seen case presentation for her finals case; highest mark in Oral Surgery/Oral Pathology unseen case; she was also recipient of the Principal’s prize for outstanding academic achievement and nominated to represent the institution in the University of London Gold Medal competition. She has previously presented at national and european conferences and is currently working in oral and maxillofacial surgery within London Northwest University Healthcare Trust, UK.


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