Case of palmoplantar pustulosis remarkably improved by

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Case of palmoplantar pustulosis remarkably improved by dental treatment

Shirono sigeo

Shirono Dental Clinic, Japan

: Dent Health Curr Res


This study deals with a case in which symptoms of a patient with palmoplantar pustulosis, which is said to be a refractory disease, have been remarkably improved. The beginning symptoms were seen when the embolism started to develop on the hands and feet, especially the symptoms on the feet which was severe. Fungus was not detected. Dermatologist prescribed steroid ointment. After applying the ointment topically, the symptoms worsened and itching, and pain increased. Therapeutic results are: It was considered that the gold silver palladium alloy filling material in the oral cavity led to a negative result on the O-ring test, Significant improvements were seen in symptoms (especially on soles of the feet) of palmoplantar pustulosis by replacing inlays with the appropriate metal (20K gold) selected by the O-ring test. It can be concluded that dental treatment using the O-ring test and body balance greatly improved the symptoms of refractory palmoplantar postulosis that had been unresponsive to treatments in other medical departments, when disease is caused by conditions in the oral cavity, dental treatment using the O-ring test and body balance is considered to be very useful.


Shigeo Shirono is a Director and Chief Dentist of Shirono Dental Clinic in Japan Yokohama city.

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