Characteristics of a novel active chlorine solution sui

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Characteristics of a novel active chlorine solution suitable for routine use in oral healthcare maintenance

Jefferey Williams

Michigan State University, USA

: Dent Health Curr Res


A compelling case has been made in the dental professional literature in recent years for measurable benefits arising from routine oral rinsing with ‘active’, or ‘oxidising’ aqueous chlorine. A serious drawback to adoption of this measure has been its reliance on crude and ill-defined amounts of chlorine, most often in the form of diluted household bleach. To take full advantage of the potential there is a need for a consistent, stable, safe formulation, optimizing the recognized contribution of hypochlorous acid to the outcome. We have developed and characterized a novel formulation of HOCl unique in purity, stability and potency that is well suited to oral healthcare applications. The range and power of the antimicrobial properties of this oxidizing solution, derived from a specialized electrolytic modification of isotonic saline (Superoxidised saline, SOS), are unprecedented. The biocompatibility profile of the solution is consistent with routine use in preventative and remediation protocols aimed at oral health improvements. Extensive third-party efficacy antimicrobial assays, e.g, and spectroscopic chemical analyses, in conjunction with mammalian cytotoxicity and in vivo epithelial exposure testing are reviewed in this presentation.



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