Clinical applications of Bioceramics in Endodontics

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Clinical applications of Bioceramics in Endodontics

Amira Galal Ismail

National Research Centre, Egypt

: Dent Health Curr Res


Major advances have been made in the field of bioceramics used for endodontic treatment. Bioceramics are biocompatible in nature and have excellent physico-chellmical properties. Since their discovery, the material development has further evolved significantly developing formulations of high antibacterial properties and enhanced sealing abilities by overcoming certain limitations of earlier endodontic materials. Bioceramics can function as root repair materials, root canal sealers and filling materials, retrograde filling materials, revascularization materials and capping materials in vital pulp therapy. Bioactive materials are emerging in the marketplace and hold promise to ignite a new era of regenerative endodontics by creating new hope. This lecture gives an overview of bioceramics in endodontics, with a detailed insight into individual materials currently used, along with their properties and clinical applications.The Objectives of this study is to review the medical and dental employment of bioceramics, its components and properties; evaluate the traditional endodontic materials; recognize the evolution of bioceramic materials; Interpret the application of bioceramic materials in different treatment methodologies; develop newer avenues for further research to broaden the application scope of bioceramics in different dental fields.


Amira Galal Ismail is a Graduate (2001) and Postgraduate (Msc-2009, PhD-2015) of Cairo University, School of Oral and Dental Medicine. She is currently a Researcher of Endodontics at the National Research Centre and a Lecturer of Endodontics at Misr International University. She is also an FDI speaker and has lectured extensively nationally and internationally. Moreover, she has published articles in local and international Journals. She operates at her own private practice “Dr Amira Galal Dental Care” in New Cairo, Egypt.


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