Dental management of maxillary sinusitis and chronic he

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Dental management of maxillary sinusitis and chronic headache as a complication of over extruded gutta-percha

Badria Al Matrafi

Prince Sultan Military Medical City, Saudi Arabia

: Dent Health Curr Res


Over extended endodontic obturation materials cause toxic reaction to the surrounding tissue, maxillary sinus, neurovascular anatomy and alveolar bone. (Root filling materials are either chemically neurotoxic or can be mechanically destructive to surrounding structure). In this study, a 24-years-old female patient medically fit referred to dental clinic in Prince Sultan Military Medical City from governmental hospital King Fahad Medical City with medical report and CT scan finding edematous mucosal swelling seen in the right maxillary antrum where it also noted that the patient has under gone a root canal work in the first molar with a metal prop penetrating of the root projecting into the antrum and being surrounded by a swelling mucosa and bone resorption is also seen around another root with a denuded root covered swelling mucosa.. When Panoramic radiograph is taken to patient complaining from severe headache and sinusitis showed over extended gutta-percha in the maxillary first molar. Of all conventional re-treatment methods of the canals, treatment modality is done followed by surgical intervention of raising of full mucoperiosteal buccal flap and epico surgery to remove overextended gutta-percha and granulation tissue. Over extended gutta-percha can be diagnosed by proper management that include taking good periapical radiograph, using apex locator and taking accurate measurement and instrumentation lead to good apical seal.


Badria Al Matrafi has completed her BDS degree in King Saud University in Riyadh. She has received KSA and AGD certificate in 2000 from University of South California, USA & RMH. She is a Consultant Restorative in Dentistry in Prince Sultan Military Medical City in Riyadh. She was a Director of Officer Dental Clinic and have a years of teaching and clinical supervision experience. She is a Member of Infection Control team.


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