Dental treatment for Heberden′s node

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Dental treatment for Heberden′s node

Fumio Yamada

Yamada dental Clinic, Japan

: Dent Health Curr Res


Historically, Heberden’s node is regarded as one of the difficult disease to treat. This report presents two cases of dental treatment for Heberden’s node achieved significant recovery. I have been thinking that the cause of this disease is dental focal infection. The case report includes blood examination result. First case is for 53-year-old woman, who has been suffering from a swelling, a sharp pain and functional disorder in DIP joint of left hand ring finger. She consulted with an orthopedic surgeon and was told the difficulty for treatment and to live with the condition. Along with dental treatments (such as tooth extraction, root canal treatment, alveolar bone curettage, bone cavitation, occlusal adjustment and caries treatment), immunity treatments (such as nose rinse, thoroughgoing nose breathing, etc.) are applied. As a result, significant improvement in her condition than I expected. The case report includes blood examination result for 2 years and patient’s comment video. Second case is 56-year-old patient who had same type of condition as above-mentioned case and also was suffering from rubbing pain with some deformation of bone.


Fumio Yamada has graduated from Aichi Gakuin University, School of Dentistry. He is running his own dental clinic in Aichi prefecture. His recent research involves dentistry and whole-body conditions. His treatment targets are not only traditional dental illnesses i.e. dental caries or periodontitis, etc. but also the whole-body illnesses related to dental conditions. He gave lectures in several conferences. His research interest is in integrated medicine and practice.

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