Educational intervention about oral health among pregna

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Educational intervention about oral health among pregnant ladies in tertiary care hospital Islamabad: A Pre & Post Study Design

Sahar Shah and Amjad Chaudhry

Department of Health, Health services academy National institute of health Islamabad, Pakistan.

: Dent Health Curr Res


Oro-dental problems qualify as major public health problem owing to their higher prevalence and significant impact on overall health both physically and mentally. The main objective of the study was to improve and promote oral health of pregnant women using constructs of health belief model as a framework. To develop an intervention, a baseline is needed to assess the current knowledge, perceptions and practices of mothers regarding oral health. Then develop an educational intervention in mothers regarding oral health after an intervention is done then assess the difference in knowledge, practices and perceptions. Current study was conducted Pre and Post experimental design. Sample was calculated using sample estimation formula that was 96, but total sample included was 115, to avoid any reduction in sample size it was increase by 20 % .A self-structured questionnaire was used to assess the knowledge, practices, and mothers perceptions based on health belief model constructs. It contained questions regarding socio demographic variables, knowledge about Oral hygiene teeth cleaning material, timing frequency and practices, knowledge about dental floss and dental visits .dental health education intervention was developed for the mothers and demonstrated after pre-test was done .written information, brochures, practical demonstration and videos were shared with each group of patient for 10 Minutes. After 8 weeks of intervention knowledge and practices of the participants was tested again. The current study revealed prevalence of periodontal issue among mothers during pregnancy is almost 73 % percent which is very high in case of timing and frequency of brushing, after intervention there was significant difference among pre and post group. Regarding the consequences of not cleaning teeth regularly and regular dental visits the awareness was raised significantly. There was significant difference in perceived susceptibility, benefits threats selfefficacy of patients regarding Oro-dental health (p<0.05)) and insignificant results in case perceived barriers (p>0.05).



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