Evaluation between mandibular position and stabilometri

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Evaluation between mandibular position and stabilometric parameters (LFS; VarVit) modification

Michele Barbera, E Barbera, A Fregoni and N Barbera

Private Practice, Italy

: Dent Health Curr Res


Background and aim: In this randomized study it is analyzed if the modification of some stabilometric parameters, such as LFS (length function surface) and VarVit (speed variation), occurs to the modification of the mandibular position, with the stretching of the ligaments, the roto-traslation of the mandibule and the increase of vertical dimension controlled through a standardized device.

Materials and methods: 50 random patients in a population are analyzed on a force sensor stabilometric platform. Two recordings of 51.2 seconds are performed, the first with closed eyes, the second with closed eyes with oral stimulation through the ortoOS device. The difference in absolute value between the first and second registration of the LFS and VarVIT parameters is analyzed.

Results: VarVIT: in 100% of patients the value varies, in 95.37% the difference between the two recordings is statistically significant, the average of the variation is 23.877 mm/s.

LFS: in 100% of patients the value varies, in 66.91% the value is statistically significant; the average of the variation is 0.171 1/mm.

Conclusion: The modification of the mandibular position through the standardized device seems to change in a reproducible and standardized manner some stabilometric parameters such as LFS and VarVit, in light of having isolated the mouth influx, performing the tests with eyes closed to exclude the eye receptor and without noiseless distractions. The study will continue on a larger number of patients to have a larger sample of the population under investigation and confirm the value.



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