Everyday endodontic challenges; a clinical guide to dea

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Everyday endodontic challenges; a clinical guide to deal with broken endodontic files, open apices, calcified canals and missed root canals.

Mohamed Mohsen Abielhassan


: Dent Health Curr Res


The variation and difference in morphology and configuration of pulp and root canal space creates challenges in everyday endodontic practice. This diversity dictates unique and customized treatment plans for various cases. Despite the breakthrough in techniques and instruments used in the field of Endodontics, yet still the clinical tips and tricks provide a clinical guideline and more convenient ways to deal with various challenges. In this lecture, we are going to discuss some of the clinical challenges faced by the endodontist or general practitioners in daily practice. Broken file represents one of the most difficult challenges faced in Endodontics. To manage a broken file it needs a solid base of scientific knowledge about lines of treatment in addition to high skills of the operator. So how to avoid files’ separation and how to deal with broken files in a simple and step by step protocol. Open apices are also one of the obstacles faced by the endodontist, different modalities of treatment as apexification or surgical intervention with MTA plug application. With the breakthrough of tissue engineering and revascularization an alternative line of treatment has been introduced, that affects prognosis and success rate of cases and solve various complexities of previous lines of treatment. How to avoidfiles’separation and how to deal with broken files. Calcified canals and how to deal with calcifications of root canals using different mechanical tricks. Finally, the detection and management of extra root canals that affects the prognosis of daily endodontic cases and may lead to subsequent failures. This lecture has been awarded the best clinical and evidence based lecture in the fifth international Dental congress in Egypt in April 2017.


Mohamed Mohsen Abielhassanan is an assisstant lecturer at the department of Endodontics, Faculty of Dentistry Cairo University. I completed his Masters Degree at the age of 28 years in 2017. Iam Staff Member at the Department of Endodontics, Cairo University.We started to conduct a series of Lectures targeting the merge between recent evidence based studies and clinical tips and tricks that lead consequently to better outcomes and help to achieve the goal of Endodontic treatment despite the difficulty or challenge faced by the operator. I gave the slogan Everyday Endodontic Challenges as a title for the series of lectures. This lectures was first launched in April 2017 in the 5th International Dental Congress in Egypt and it was awarded as the best lecture. Also the Presenters earned the best Speakers title at the same congress. So I decided to start our world tour with this lecture in order to share clinical and scientific knowledge.

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