Gateway to the future : Laser dentistry- facts and appl

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Gateway to the future : Laser dentistry- facts and applications

Nova Aghbashian

University of California, USA

: Dent Health Curr Res


Understanding the Concept and Reviewing the Unique Aspects of Clinical Applications :-- Laser technology has been successfully incorporated in many fields of modern dentistry during the last decade. As a new tool in dental practice, laser technology has positively expanded the scope of attractive, painless dental procedures and effectively found its way into the mainstream of dentistry. Yet, its clinical performance and procedural limitation represent one of the most controversial topics of recent dental literatures and conferences discussions. This presentation will review the scientific concept of photo‐ablation theory and its application in dental field. Moreover, it will discuss the laser tools and delivery modes as well as the safety measures required for using this technology in different dental setups. This presentation will also review the use of laser in the various disciplines of dentistry and discuss which specific lasers should be used for each of those disciplines. Finally, the presentation will review criteria that will help dentists to select the right laser for their practice. This presentation will achieve the following objectives: • General overview of the basic concept of laser application in modern dentistry • Demonstrate the biological rationale for the use of laser in dentistry • Identify the types of laser‐tissue interaction • Differentiate available laser wavelengths used in dentistry and identify the specification of each wavelength. • Identify the most important laser applications in dental practice including the recommended techniques, advantages, disadvantages and limitations.



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