Increasing treatment plan acceptance with in-house insu

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Increasing treatment plan acceptance with in-house insurance plans

Vilas Sastry


: Dent Health Curr Res


Are you finding it tough to run your dental practice because many of your patients can’t afford the treatment you’re offering because they aren’t insured? Dr. Vilas Sastry understands your pain—and your patients’. More importantly, he has solved the problem. In Drilling for Yes, he will teach you how to help patients and yourself by getting them to say yes to the treatment plans you recommend. After running a successful dental practice for over a decade and expanding to four locations, Dr. Sastry knows what it takes to build a strong practice with an excellent reputation and a clientele that keeps coming back. In Drilling for Yes, you will learn how to: • Select a business model that will outsmart your competitors • Negotiate with all of your suppliers • Build a loyal team of employees • Market your practice in ways that won’t waste your money • Help your patients get dental insurance so you get paid • See more high-dollar procedure patients to increase your revenue • Get your patients to say “Yes” to the treatment plans you recommend.


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