Innovative strategy for innovative medicines to ensure

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Innovative strategy for innovative medicines to ensure patients access to medicines and treatments

Hassan Mohamad Bibi

Government Affairs and Regulatory Policies, Lebanon

: J Forensic Toxicol Pharmacol


Innovation medicines will require innovative strategy to ensure patient’s access to medicines. There is a need to start shuffling the status quo of what’s needed to make things more legible and accessible to public health. The name of the game is how we can leverage on the current situation to move forward with the approval of these highly expensive medicines and treatments to our patients. We have reached a demanding level of administrative, academic opportunities of diseases and treatments that require a new approach and innovation solutions to ensure the availability of treatments and medicines to communities at affordable prices. Taking into consideration the budget constraints at all levels of stakeholders. Thus, It is a chain of responsibility that starts from the very early phase of product innovation until it reaches the market. How to engage different stakeholders to meet, to discuss the new reality, to leverage on the current services, to partner together in shaping the policies and upgrade the existing systems, to engage NGO’s and patient’s advocacy groups, to be ready and aligned with the upcoming new class of medicines and treatments including vaccines in the coming years. How can we make this happen in the current financial and economic crisis that has hit most of the markets? How can we engage payers, physicians and different stakeholders to work hand in hand to ensure treatment’s availability? How can we leverage on the social responsibilities projects provided by most reputable international pharmaceutical firms? How can we do things differently? Where are we with the digitalization? How can we INNOVATE new ideas? It is our time to lead these changes to make it a better healthy world for next generation. It is time to innovate new approaches.


Hassan Bibi has attended Lebanese American University majoring in Chemistry. He joined Janssen Pharmaceutical companies of JNJ, steadily promoted, and became Regulatory Affairs Director of established products for EMEA. As well, Hassan received master’s degree in Leadership and sustainability from University of Cumbria – UK and multiple awards and leadership recognition in terms of business intuition achieving a high level of leadership and professionalism through his 22 years spent at JNJ. He joined Merck, establishing the Governmental Affairs and Market Access department; successful. He was indeed handling multiple positions, leading him to receive a reward as the most inspired employee in 2017. His expertise enabled him to be an active member in the pharma world, played a major role to establish and lead multiple pharma regulatory groups in the Middle East region. It entitled him throughout his career to hold a very effective approach with diverse Ministry of health. He served as an organizing committee member and speaker coach for DIA Middle East, BPG, Health Insight, Middle East pharmaceutical working group and Counterfeit Africa Association.


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