Introduction to the tip edge technique

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Introduction to the tip edge technique

Rashid A Chamda

University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

: Dent Health Curr Res


In 1925, Angle described the Edgewise bracket in an article entitled "Latest and Best in Orthodontic Mechanism." The Edgewise appliance was designed as a means to provide positive control of mesiodistal and angular movements of teeth. The concept was simple, but the bracket provided so much control that it was difficult to make the anteroposterior inter-arch corrections necessary to treat Class II or Class III discrepancies. Since its invention, orthodontists have striven to overcome the inherent limitations of the Edgewise slot. In 1986, Kesling P and Rocke T modified the Edgewise archwire slot and stated that the Tip-Edge technique was for the Twenty First Century. In 2000 Kesling provocatively claimed that Angle had unintentionally placed an albatross around the necks of orthodontists-the Edgewise archwire slot. Kesling also stated that "90 percent of orthodontists do not have a clue about the most efficient and physiologic method of tooth movement - differential". In 2012, Chamda and Evans confirmed the ease of use of the appliance and found that the Tip-Edge technique was efficient and effective and achieved adequate anchorage control without the use of any adjuncts or extra-oral devices. This workshop will demonstrate the simplicity of the mechanics by which the Tip-Edge appliance operates and enables practitioners to correct difficult malocclusions non surgically.


Dr.Chamda is a part time specialist orthodontic consultant at the University of the Witwatersrand. He was formerly a specialist visiting consultant at the University of Pretoria and also a visiting Professor at the State University of New York -Buffalo. He was the vice president/secretary of the College of Dentistry and is presently the main examiner/ convenor in the branch of Orthodontics. He has published several papers and has delivered many papers at international conferences. He was awarded a scholarship by the British Dental Association and was awarded a research grant by the South African Dental Association.

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