Laser-assisted lip repositioning surgery: Novel approac

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Laser-assisted lip repositioning surgery: Novel approach to treat gummy smile

Sana Farista

IALD/AALZ Aachen, Dental Laser Center, Germany

: Dent Health Curr Res


Excessive gingival display (EGD) resulting in a “gummy smile” is a major esthetic concern with ramifications in an individual’s personal and social life. Numerous treatment modalities have been used for the correction of EGD. The present case report describes a successful treatment of a young woman with an excess gingival display caused by a hyperactive upper lip and a mild vertical maxillary excess that was treated with a laser-assisted lip repositioning surgical technique accompanied by gingival re-contouring. The procedure was accomplished by laser-assisted removal, through scraping a strap of mucosa from the maxillary buccal vestibule and suturing the mucosa of the lip to the mucogingival junction. This technique resulted in shortened vestibule and restricted the muscle pull of the elevator muscles of the lip, thereby reducing gingival display when the patient smiles. Laser-assisted lip repositioning surgery can be a viable minimally invasive alternative to orthognathic surgery.


Sana Farista holds Diplomat in Laser Dentistry from IALD/AALZ Aachen, Dental Laser Center, Germany. She also has mastership in Microscopic-Plastic-Esthetic Periodontal Surgery and Peri-Implant Infection Management, Bern, Switzerland. Associate Fellowship in Laser Dentistry from World Clinical Laser Institute (USA). She has been lecturing and conducting many Pre-Conference, Skill Training Sessions (Hands on), Workshop, Live Surgical Demonstrations and Certificate Courses on Soft & Hard Tissue Laser all over India for more than 7 years. Currently she is working as faculty for Diploma and Mastership Advance Laser Programme.

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