Mandibular fractures; determining the sites of fracture

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Mandibular fractures; determining the sites of fracture and different treatment modalities of the same done at kantipur dental college and teaching hospital

Bikash Desar

Kathmandu University, Nepal

: Dent Health Curr Res


Objective: The purpose of this study was to locate the fracture sites and treatment modalities of the different fractures. Material And Methods: Patients treated at the Oral and Maxillofacial Department of Kantipur dental college teaching hospital and research center during a one-year period between 2014 and 2015 were retrospectively evaluated with respect to age groups, gender, etiology, localization and type of fractures, treatment methods and complications. Results: 174 patients were included in the study, 142 (81.6%) males and 32 (18.4%) females, with a total of 244 mandibular fractures sites with a male/female ratio of 4.4:1. The most common causes of injury were falls (χ2=17.1607, P=0.0087) accounted for 139 (79.9%) of the fractures. The most common fracture sites, symphysis of the mandible being significantly (χ2=21, P=0.0008) affected than other sites. However, 96 (39.3%) and 132 (54.1%) of the fractures occurred on the right and left sides of the mandible respectively. Most patients had single (44.3%) and double (31.6%) fractures and this finding was significant (χ2=60.9314, P=0.0000). The fractures were successfully treated by arch bar and intermaxillary fixation, and open reduction and internal fixation. Conclusion: This study shows falls were the common cause of fracture and others being secondary. Symphysis was the common sites of fracture. Arch bar placement internal fixation and open reduction and internal fixation were the treatment modalities we used in our instution.


I am Dr Bikash Desar, completed my post graduation on 2013 at age of 30years from Crimea State Medical University, Ukraine. Recently i am working as Lecturer and Head of Department at Kantipur dental college and teaching hosiptal. I have attended many national conference and few international conference. I was awarded the best teacher award on 2016. Two articles have been published on international journal and one in national journal.

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