Maxillary anterior teeth width proportion and its relat

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Maxillary anterior teeth width proportion and its relation to facial measurements-a systematic review

Mahmood Dashti

Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences, Iran

: Dent Health Curr Res


Aim: This article reviews some of the most common dental proportion and the relation between maxillary anterior teeth width and some facial measurements to achieve pleasant esthetic appraisal. Methods & Materials: In this study we had reviewed articles from 2000 till now with these keywords: maxillary anterior teeth, dental proportion, golden proportion, recurrent esthetic dental (RED), esthetic, facial measurement, teeth width, smile. We used 9 out of 14 found articles based on the topic which was use of dental proportion and its relation to the facial measurement in the studies. Studies with restoration of anterior teeth such as crowns, veneers, fillings, etc. And facial cosmetic surgery such as rhinoplasty were excluded. Results: These studies illustrated that in different ethnic groups the relations are different, meaning teeth with different height are better have appropriate proportion due to their heights to achieve pleasant esthetic appraisal. Also correlation between width of maxillary anterior teeth and Interpupillary Distance (IPD) or Inner Canthal Distance (ICD) or Interalar Distance (IAD) have been reported. Conclusion: These studies showed that gender has nothing or a little to the correlation between maxillary anterior teeth width and facial measurements such as IPD, ICD, IAD. Also considered that dental proportion differs in teeth with different height.


Mahdmood Dashti is last year dental student at Shahid Beheshti Univerisity of Medical Sciences in Tehran, Iran. He is Head of Iranin Dental Student’s Association Financial Committee. He has presented poster in some congress back in Iran.

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