Modern digital planning for a safe approach to implant

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Modern digital planning for a safe approach to implant dentistry

Luca Barbera and Nicolo Barbera

University of Milan, Italy

: Dent Health Curr Res


Any branch of Medicine has written its future on the topic of efficiency and safety of treatments. Modern implant dentistry is going in this direction. The multifactorial genesis of the functional and structural problem that underlies the loss of the dental element, imposes more and more a multidisciplinary vision of the etiopathogenetic framing and therefore of the relative treatment. In this context, the digital workflow has found its most natural field of work. The possibility of framing and “merging” structural and functional data in the digital diagnostic area has made it a very valuable aid in the design of functional, aesthetic and structural rehabilitations, even very complex. Today we will analyze the concept of diagnostic-based flow used in the digital method. We will start from the modality and the timing in the acquisition of the diagnostic data, arriving at the examination of the most used projecting methods. We will demonstrate how these procedures lead to a secure assembly of and implants in the patient’s mouth. We will note that the need for systematic order in the acquisition of diagnostic data and in the design of the rehabilitative phase allows the rapid identification of the technical difficulties potentially characterizing the rehabilitation and therefore the rapid elimination of the problems deriving from these difficulties. We call this, procedural modernity: the digital future of the dental profession.



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