Networking: The future of digital dentistry application

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Networking: The future of digital dentistry application

Barbera L, Hafeez K Es and Trapani E

Private practice-Monza _ IT PG Cert Med Ed Cairo, Egypt
Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh, Scotland
Turin IT Digital Sistem Consultant MDT

: Dent Health Curr Res


Digital technology is imposing itself in dental clinical practice thanks to efficacy, safety and predictability of technologies used to rationalize the work flow. Due to the characteristic of the data used and their digital format, it is easy for the clinician to move the data through the computer network, save them and make virtual storage in the cloud, especially to share with other colleagues for technical / cultural comparisons and with digital storing and processing centres that today are able to provide all the needs of the clinician from the simple technical advice, the design processing, the production of the required materials and also to the technical assistance in the operating room. Aim of our work is to evaluate the work flow of one of these networks, according to the needs of two types of experienced dental professionals: the one with a consolidated experience on digital and the novice and one with only the basic experience in this field. Both have used the network incorporating their cases in the cycle to be rehabilitated and evaluate the final results, the difficulties encountered in entering and receiving data and then establishing a personal judgement based mainly on their intention to continue with this mode of “virtual” work. The results obtained were positive for both classes of professionals chosen. Both appreciated the efficiency of the work flow, the ease of access to the processed data and the ease of application of the materials produced. Both have recognized their firm intention to continue with this type of approach to digital therapeutic flow. This work confirms the versatility of Networks in digital systematics, operational effectiveness, together with the possibility to use them even if there is not a very wide “machinery fleet” available by clinicians of basic experience level.



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