New approach in endodontic retreatment by intentional r

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New approach in endodontic retreatment by intentional replantation

Fouad Abduljabbar

King Abdulaziz Medical City, KSA

: Dent Health Curr Res


Intentional Replantation (IR) is a concept that has been known for over a thousand years, it is defined by Grossman (1966) as an atraumatic extraction of a tooth and its reinsertion into its socket immediately after endodontic treatment and apical repair is done extra-orally. Some authors consider intentional replantation to be a last option; whereas others consider, it was another treatment modality. However, in cases where a dental implant, non-surgical retreatment or surgical treatment is not possible, intentional replantation may be a viable treatment option. Recent case reports have demonstrated that, with good case selection, intentional replantation can be a reliable and predictable procedure. The sensitive portion of the treatment is removal of the tooth traumatically. In the presentation, some cases of Intentional replantation will be reviewed that show the feasibility of the procedure in different situations.


Fouad Abduljabbar is a Consultant Endodontist. He is the Director of Dental Supplies and Materials & Equipment of Endodontics Department and the Coordinator of Endodontic Department. He is the Clinical Supervisor of Saudi Board dental student and dental interns, dental services, West Region, King Abdulaziz medical City, The ministry of National Guard, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is the author of several scientific journals of repute.

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