Journal of Nanomaterials & Molecular NanotechnologyISSN: 2324-8777

New nanomaterials for energy conversion and environmental processes requires high performance catalysts

16th World Nano Conference

June 05-06, 2017 Milan, Italy

Mike S Scurrell

University of South Africa, South Africa

Posters & Accepted Abstracts : J Nanomater Mol Nanotechnol
DOI : 10.4172/2324-8777-C1-009


Future catalytic processes in the energy conversion and environmental fields will place ever-increasing demands on catalyst performance in terms of activity, selectivity, durability and cost. Several recent examples promise the required solution. Specially crafted nanorod-based catalysts for supporting nano metals such as gold and ruthenium have been used in reactions such as CO removal by oxidation or methanation respectively and have potential applications in exhaust emission and hydrogen production. These solids, in the case of gold display extremely and unusually high thermo stability. High activity modified nickel catalysts for methane decomposition for low carban energy conversion via hydrogen and carban fuel cells have been described. Microwave treatment and plasma treatments are both potentially useful as seen for iron-based catalysts used for the conversion of syngas (from fossil or renewable fuel sources) to liquid hydrocarbons. Finally, some high activity catalysts for the photo conversion of biomass-derived materials to hydrogen have been based on nano metals, nano titania-graphene composites which display heterojunction-based assistance in reducing the rate of electron-hole recombination, leading to high hydrogen production rates.


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