New treatment in global oral rehabilitation by ARC (Adh

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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New treatment in global oral rehabilitation by ARC (Adhesive Restorations in Ceramic) in complex aesthetic cases: case report

Raphael Boudas

Strasbourg University, France

: Dent Health Curr Res


The new procedures of bonding of ceramic on enamel open high perspectives for the treatments of global rehabilitation and aesthetic for patient attempts of dental erosion, dental wear, bruxism and congenital diseases with high resounding on function and aesthetic of patients. The aim of this presentation and article is to demonstrate the new possibilities and the high innovation brought by the new techniques of bonding ceramic on teeth for aesthetic treatment for patients presented a several dental attempt. The innovation was started by Fransceca Vaillati in the three step technique and bonding overtops and veneers for treatment of dental several erosion. I realize a variation of this technique for the complex cases of oligodontia and anodontia in a case of a teenager, this patient present a high diminution of vertical dimension not allowing implant treatment for the replacement of lacteal teeth and restoration of aesthetic plan. The idea was to increase the vertical dimension by overlays and veneer lays for posteriors sectors and treated the microdontia, and palatines composites veneers associated with ceramic veneers in anterior sector aesthetic for restored DE aesthetic plan and harmony of patient. This treatment was realized equally for two cases of several dental erosions with a great success. To exhibits this protocol is very important for the treatment of complex case by this advancements technique because she represent a true alternative treatment of surgical and implant treatments for young adults with dental congenital diseases, this new way will allow to find functional and aesthetical solutions for this patients suffering of social and personal impact by the aesthetic consequences of this pathologies.


Raphaël Boudas has completed his DMD from Strasbourg University and Post-doctoral studies in Aesthetic Dentistry from Strasbourg University, School of Dental Medicine. He is a Dental Surgeon Specialist in Dental Cosmetic and Global Rehabilitation, in private practice. He is Member of MIMESIS specialist group in Aesthetic Dentistry with French language. He has published 3 publications in reputed journals and one presentation in ORCA (organization on caries research).

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