Newfangled approach in ridge preservation partial extra

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Newfangled approach in ridge preservation partial extraction therapy techniques and applications

Farrukh Bashir

Dental Care Center Hyderabad, Pakistan

: Dent Health Curr Res


Introduction: Immediately after tooth extraction, the alveolar ridge undergoes an inevitable remodeling process that influences implant therapy of the edentulous area especially at Aesthetic zone. Newfangled method of ridge and tissue preservation is Partial Extraction Therapy, a minimal invasive and cost effective way where a fragment of root is retained for complete ridge preservation. Objective: Alveolar Bone and Tissue Preservation. Discussion: Alveolar bone resorption is biological phenomenon after tooth extraction even after GBR (guided bone regeneration) with or without Implant placement. Neoteric Approach for ridge preservation is Partial Extraction therapy where a fragment of root so called socket shield is retained to eliminate bone resorption by stabilisation of coronal and buccal bone and retention of the periodontal membrane. PET is minimal invasive and cost effective solution for alveolar bone prevention as compared to other options. At present Partial Extraction Therapy (PET) is a Concept of collective group of treatments i.e. Root sub mergence, Socket Shield, Pontic Shield, Proximal Socket Shield. The Socket Shield technique provides a promising aesthetic outcome as above all ridge atrophy has a negative impact on future prosthesis. PET ensures preservation of bone structure, healthy peri Implant tissue while maintaining high aesthetics. Conclusion: In today’s modern practice Patient demands high Aesthetics with cost effective and minimal invasive procedures for their prosthesis. Clinician had now an option to Adopt PET to overcome the demands in an effective and predictable way.



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