Novel approach for soft tissue management in esthetic z

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Novel approach for soft tissue management in esthetic zone

Ahmed Halim Ayoub

Egyptian society of Oral Implantology, Egypt

: Dent Health Curr Res


Management of peri-implant soft tissue is as important as preserving the peri-implant bone level. Many techniques, approaches, and materials have been used to achieve healthy, keratinized, esthetic peri-implant soft tissue or correct/augment any deficiency in it. Platelets rich fibrin (PRF) or concentrated growth factors (CGF) is one of those materials that can be used to achieve soft tissue augmentation, especially in esthetic zone. Osseointegration is no longer considered the only parameter upon it we can judge the success of the implant therapy. Even precise ceramic duplication of the contour, shade, and translucency of natural dentition may still result in an aesthetic failure if the gingival profile, color and texture are compromised. Therefore, the functional and aesthetic success of implant treatment in the anterior esthetic zone depends not only on the quality of the restoration but also on the final aspect of the contour and stability of the marginal gingiva and the proximal papillae in harmony with the adjacent teeth.


Ahmed Halim Ayoub has accomplished diploma and master degrees is from Seville University, Spain. He developed expertise in bone augmentation and sinus elevation and has special interest in bone healing. Currently he is the visiting lecturer in Bari University, Italy. He provides live training throughout directing dental implant post graduate training in Egyptian society of oral implantology, London oral restorative Academy, and London dental education services. He is a distinguished speaker and presents at international conferences and teaches in the Rome, Europe and the Middle East.


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