Periodontitis and diabetes mellitus in UAE population

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Periodontitis and diabetes mellitus in UAE population

Ursula Mansson and Alenka Franko

Al Ain International Medical Polyclinic, UAE

University Medical Centre, Slovenia

: Dent Health Curr Res


Statement of the Problem: The periodontitis and diabetes mellitus share a common pathogenesis, which involves an increased inflammatory response. The principal aim of this study was to investigate the association between periodontitis and diabetes mellitus in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) population. The possible confounders or effect modifiers have also been considered. Methodology: A nested case-control study included 110 patients with periodontitis (cases) and 220 patients without periodontitis (controls). The information on potential diabetes mellitus, gender, age, patient’s oral hygiene and smoking was obtained for all subjects from dental records. The logistic regression analysis was used to assess the risk of developing periodontitis. Findings: The subjects with diabetes mellitus had an almost 52 times higher risk of developing periodontitis as compared to the subjects without diabetes mellitus (OR=51.99, 95% CI 15.65-172.74). The risk of periodontitis in patients with diabetes mellitus did not change considerably after adjustment by gender (OR=50.86, 95% CI 15.30–169.13, p=0.000) and smoking (OR=50.70, 95% CI 15.22–168.94). On the other hand, the risk changed from 51.99 (95% CI 15.65–172.74, p=0.000) to 21.57 (95% CI 6.17–75.40) after the inclusion of age as a continuous variable, to 28.60 (95% CI 8.39–97.55) after the inclusion of age as a categorical variable and to 36.71 (95% CI 10.36–130.05) after the inclusion of oral hygiene. The stratification of diabetes mellitus by age showed that the risk of developing periodontitis was higher in patients over 38 years of age. Conclusion & Significance: This study showed an increased risk of developing periodontitis in UAE patients with diabetes mellitus compared to the subjects without this disease. An important finding of the current study indicates that the association between periodontitis and diabetes mellitus is modified by age.


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