Clinical Research in Orthopedics

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Physiotherapy anytime anywhere through app

Amit Agarwal

Healure Founder, India

: Clin Res Orthop


Healure is a physiotherapy platform that offers recovery programs for various medical conditions like joint pains (back, neck, knee, shoulder, wrist, ankle pain, arthritis, vertigo and many more); neurological diseases (Stroke, Parkinson’s, speech/ facial therapy) and many more. Healure supports multiple languages which makes it single independent app that bridges the communication gap between its users. It empowers common people in remote areas to recover where physiotherapists are not available. Our cutting edge technology along with audio visual support makes us one of the best in this field. Healure leverages mobile platforms to deliver the personalized, ‘at home’ therapy sessions designed by experienced therapists. All programs are custom tailored according to individuals’ symptoms. To address associated symptoms, each exercise video features safety tips, easy to follow demonstration, workout timer and frequency counter. Many of these exercises can be adjusted as per the difficulty and disability levels. Additionally, a user can schedule his workouts at a particular time interval and day of the week.


E-mail: [email protected]

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