Prevalence of gingivitis and periodontitis in Saudi adu

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Prevalence of gingivitis and periodontitis in Saudi adult male population and the ABO blood group distribution

Mohammad Parvaiz Farshori, Abdullah M Alanazi, Majed M Alshammari and Abdulrahman M Alanazi

University of Hail, Saudi Arabia

: Dent Health Curr Res


Background: Many studies have reported a high prevalence of periodontal diseases among Saudi children and the male and female adult population. Saudi Arabia has a very high prevalence of obesity and diabetes. Many earlier studies have suggested about three fold increase in the incidences of periodontitis among diabetic patients. We recently reported a very high prevalence of periodontitis among the diabetic adult female patients. We found a significant increase in tooth loss and tooth decay among diabetic patients. In the recent past many studies have shown an association between the inheritances of blood groups with hypertension, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and many kinds of cancers.

Aim of this study: Although many studies have been published to report ABO blood group distributions among Saudi population but to the best of our knowledge to date no studies have been done to show an association between gingivitis and periodontitis and ABO blood groups. In the current study we wanted to analyze the possible association between the inheritance of ABO blood groups and the incidences of gingivitis and periodontitis among Saudi adult male population.

Methods: Oral exams were performed by dental interns on a total of 400 randomly selected male subjects and their ABO blood group was recorded. Next we recruited 460 male subjects who either had gingivitis and or periodontitis and their ABO blood group information was recorded. Their oral cavities were thoroughly examined for the presence of dental carries, gingivitis, periodontitis, and tooth decay and or tooth loss. Data was carefully recorded and analyzed.

Results: Our blood group distribution analysis of gingivitis and periodontitis patients showed 3.26% to be A-, 5.43% were A+, 2.82% were B-, 13.7% were B+. 3.04% were found to be AB- and 8.9% were AB+. O blood group was the most prevalent blood group with 8.04% was O- and 52.39% were O+.

Conclusions: There is a significant increase in prevalence of periodontitis in male diabetic patients as compared to the control group. Our results also show increased tooth loss among diabetics as compared to the control non diabetic patients. There was a significant decrease in prevalence of A blood group and a significant increase in distribution of O blood group among patients with gingivitis and or periodontitis.


Mohammad Parvaiz Farshori has received PhD from University of Maryland in 1991. He accepted first post-doctoral fellowship in department gastroenterology, at Mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota. In 1992 at American Gastroenterology meeting in San Francisco, he received Fellow’s “Outstanding Research award” from Glaxo Research Institute for my research on role of anterograde motor proteins in pancreatic amylase secretion. He also received his second postdoctoral fellowship training in department of Biochemistry in University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Finally, he joined NIH labs of the world-renowned scientists ‘Dr Bechara Kachar and Dr Kevin Catt” at NIH-NIDCD and NICHD in endocrinology and reproductive branch, respectively (1995-2004).


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