Relationship between dentistry and whole body condition

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Relationship between dentistry and whole body conditions

Yoshiro Fujii

Shin Kobe Dental Clinic, Japan

: Dent Health Curr Res


There is a close relationship between the oral and physical condition. Dentistry also influences the whole-body health. The concept of focal infection is very old, but this concept was declining as well as evolution of antibiotics. However, an infection disease of a tooth root apex or periodontitis has a harmful influence on the whole body. The case of Parkinson’s disease which may be caused by it will be discussed. The cause of dementia is a decline of brain function. Loss of teeth or inappropriate occlusion may deteriorate brain function, so it is possible to improve dementia by occlusal treatment by means of artificial teeth etc. Focus of infection in oral area or allergy of dental materials especially metals may cause dermatitis. Occlusion (biting situation) is very fundamental concept of dentistry. However, ideal occlusion for the whole body health has not clarified yet. It is believed one of the best methods to search the ideal occlusion is Bi-Digital O-Ring Test. This method is one of the muscle reflections, so it is easy and safe. This test is useful to select the biocompatible dental materials, too. Elements of dentistry which influence whole body health are variety. Recently, it is clarified that periodontitis and diabetes influence each other mutually. Sports players are required to wear the mouse guards by several sports. Occlusal condition is changed by it, therefore the quality of mouth guard influences the whole body condition or supports performance. Making ideal occlusion may promote supports performance.


Yoshiro Fujii is the Manager of Shin Kobe Dental Clinic and has completed his PhD from Aichi Gakuin University Graduate School. He is a fellow of the International College of Acupuncture and Electro-therapeutics, an Editorial Board Member on three international journals. He is also an authorized doctor of two Japanese associations and published 23 international academic articles.

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