Role of laser in dentistry

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Role of laser in dentistry

Mohannad El Akabawi

Misr University for Scince and Technology, Egypt

: Dent Health Curr Res


Laser systems and their application in dentistry and especially oral surgery are rapidly improving today. The diode laser was introduced in dentistry and oral surgery in the mid-90s. The diode laser devices have specifications such as relatively small size, portable and lower cost that attract the dental practitioners and oral surgeons for use in various surgical implications in comparison to other laser equipment. Diode laser with wavelengths ranging from 810 to 980 nm in a continuous or pulsed mode was used as a possible modality for soft tissue surgery in the oral cavity. Based on the photothermal effect of the diode laser, the lesions of the oral mucosa are removed with an excision technique, or by ablation/vaporization procedures. Applications of lasers in dentistry is soft tissue surgery and ablation of lesions and the excision of exophytic lesions is one of this utilization. Provided correct selection and application of diode lasers in soft tissue for oral surgery, for example frenectomy, epulis fissuratum, fibroma, facial pigmentation and vascular lesions. The advantages of laser application are relatively bloodless surgery, minimal swelling, scarring and coagulation, no need for suturing, reduction in surgical time and less or no post surgical pain. Also, the laser instantly disinfects the surgical wound as well as allowing a noncontact type of operative procedure and therefore no mechanical trauma to the tissue.


Mohannad El Akabawi has completed his MSc from Cairo University. He is a Member of the German Board in Implants, Fellowships from Genova University in Italy in Laser and Esthetic Dentistry. He is the youngest Certified Dentist in Africa and Middle-East from Pinhole Academy of Implant Dentistry. He is the Founder and CEO of Smile Care Center in Cairo. He is also the youngest Egyptian International Speaker in Laser Technology.

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