Saudi Patients Compliance with the Antibiotic Course in

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Saudi Patients Compliance with the Antibiotic Course in Dentistry

Yousef S Al-Elyani

Saudi Arabia

: Dent Health Curr Res


Objectives: The aim of our study is to assess compliance of Saudi patients with the course of prescribed antibiotics in dentistry by knowing whether patients use antibiotic every day. Method: A cross sectional study has been conducted using a questionnaire as an instrument for data collection from the patients. Survey responses were tabulated and analyzed statistically to find the number of compliant patients to the prescribed course of antibiotics, as well as to find if there is any association between compliance and age, gender, and education level. Result: 300 questionnaires were distributed among a cross section of the population in 4 dental centers in Riyadh. Only 126 patients responded, giving a response rate of 42%. According to this study, the percentage of fully compliant patients was 60.3%. There was no significant association between variables and compliance. The reasons for non-compliance among patients included: symptoms disappeared (62%), fear of side effects of medication (18%), no clear instructions about the importance of completing the full course (16%), and patient carelessness (4%). Conclusion: Around 60% of patients complied with the full course of antibiotics as prescribed.


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