Secrets of marketing in pharmaceutical industry

Journal of Forensic Toxicology & Pharmacology.ISSN: 2325-9841

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Secrets of marketing in pharmaceutical industry

Rima Al Mohtar

Sohag University, Egypt

: J Forensic Toxicol Pharmacol


Marketing is considered as the art of creating new value that is unprecedented for the consumer. Its goal is to provide a better standard of living for society and to create a long-term relationship with consumers. Pharmaceutical marketing is promoting the sale of pharmaceutical drugs. Customer service standards your pharmacy should aspire to meet. There are two major steps to be able to have a productive pharmacy. First you have to be patient and committed to this business. Second you have to know how important to deal with each customer and please him through giving your full care and attention. And by giving extra feedback about the item purchased. Change your way of thinking to follow the new generation. However, customer service should be approached as a philosophy, a founding principle, where the pharmacy staff can fall back to when they face challenging situations. There are four basic principles to the provision of great pharmacy service


Rima Al Mohtar has completed Dba in progress business marketing and Mba business administration from Suhag University Egypt with accreditation Cambridge College. She is currently working as business marketing manager in target Innovation Company and registration.


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