Sleep disordered breathing in the pediatric population

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Sleep disordered breathing in the pediatric population

Diana Batoon Arizona


: Dent Health Curr Res


Executive Summary: Each year a large population of children with symptoms of mouth-breathing, snoring, bruxism, bedwetting and ADD/ADHD go untreated and misdiagnosed. Unaware that Sleep Disordered Breathing is the root cause of their troubles, parents and children pursue treatments that make their situation worse, both in the present and the long run. It is more important than ever for the dental community to empower families to heal this condition instead of just cope with it. Problem Statement: Untreated or misdiagnosed Sleep Disordered Breathing in the pediatric population has a significant impact on the deterioration of health, development, and self- confidence in young lives. Motivation: Create a movement in the dental community to proactively diagnose SDB to: • Save children from misdiagnosis • Keep children off unneeded medication • Improve school performance and self-confidence • Correct the condition to alleviate and prevent the symptoms (crooked teeth, insomnia, malocclusions, speech issues, allergies, inflammations, sleep apnea, and more) Results 1. Identify the outward symptoms and root causes of SDB in children 2. Develop action steps to integrate an SDB identification process at your practice 3. Generate growth within your practice by partnering with the medical community and parents to improve the lives of their children Conclusion : Maximum oxygen during sleep is necessary for the body to take care of itself, repair itself, and have all biological systems function normally. Every child should sleep soundly and sleep well let’s help them get there.


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