SS Fly: A therapy for root re-implantation

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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SS Fly: A therapy for root re-implantation

Francesco Campione

Private Practice Roma, Italy

: Dent Health Curr Res


The therapy that we propose, unlike normal regenerative protocols, is a technique called SS fly, which unlike the Socket Shield consists of an autologous graft of the extracted root, appropriately processed out of the mouth and immediately re-implanted into the original site. With this technique we obtain positive results in the short term, with a very satisfactory medium-term maintenance that is very promising even in the long terms. Moreover thanks to the use of cono morse taper connection, which makes possible to decouple the prosthesis from the implant, we can control the position and, if necessary, adjust the structure from the third week after the insertion. The extraction and customisation of the root (out of the mouth) do not involve great technical difficulties and are very simple to carry out with the patient in the chair. In addition, no filler is required, but a simple provisional that acts as a camera and umbrella concept.


Francesco Campione specializes in CAD / CAM technology at the University of Zurich. He collaborates with Prof. Ernesto Rapisarda for the University of Catania for the realization of numerous conferences on the theme “aesthetics of the front group” (ceramic veneers). He practices a free profession between Catania and Rome and collaborates as a scientific researcher with Prof. Dai Kawahara, director of dental materials at the University of Osaka.


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