Stat-Ck: Periodontal conditions classified and dimystif

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Stat-Ck: Periodontal conditions classified and dimystified in simple language and treatment methods

T Andre Shirdan

Founder and Owner at The CREW Process, USA

: Dent Health Curr Res


Current studies have found over 80% of adults have some form of periodontal disease. Over 50% had gingivitis involving an average of three to four teeth. Subgingival calculus was found in 67% of the population. Adult periodontitis with the pocket depth greater than or equal to 4 mm was present in 30% of the population, involving an average of three to four teeth. The fact that severe pockets greater than or equal to 6 mm were found in less than 5% of the population shows that periodontal treatment has made an impact on the current adult population. With this as our patient base what we find in the practice base is a 6% to 8% use of the ADA codes in the 4000 (Periodontal treatment) range. The vast majority of Registered Dental Hygienist and Dentists who perform general periodontal services have a system to manage the periodontal disease that includes a probing to document the patient’s condition and to aid in diagnosis the disconnect between diagnosis and treatment is patient compliance and understanding of curative measures. In 1977 the World Health Organization introduced the C P I T N - Community Periodontal Index of Treatment Needs. In 1992 The ADA and AAP introduced P S R - Periodontal Screening and Recording. In 2002 Dr. Neil Gottehrer and I published Stat-Ck in Dentistry Today. StatCk (pronounced “Stat-Check”) offers the practice a method of quantifying periodontal disease clearly in language that patients understand while bringing consistency to treatment methods from clinician to clincian.


Andre is an inspirational and motivational speaker, executive coach, and a certified trainer. Since 1989, Andre has worked with thousands of practices helping to create systems for treatment planning, staff training, goal attainment, internal and external marketing, and computer systems integration. He founded Systems Practice Management, Inc., a dental practice management, training and consulting firm. He co-creating the non-surgical periodontal protocol Stat-Ck. He is best known for creating The CREW Process - a better way to define practice philosophy, bring consistency to treatment and gets the entire office in alignment. Practices working with him have found great personal success while getting to know his genuine, frank, and devilishly funny personality.


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