Tempocopy, a protocol to achieve complete oral rehabili

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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Tempocopy, a protocol to achieve complete oral rehabilitations copying the provisional prosthesis by means of CAD/CAM

Dirk Neefs

University of Liege, Belgium

: Dent Health Curr Res


A method to achieve complete oral rehabilitation with predictable success is the applicable to oral rehabilitations with fixed prosthesis on teeth and/or implants. We use the fixed provisional restorations to determine the centric occlusion and dental morphology for an optimal functional outcome on a periodontal, phonetic and aesthetic level. We prepare every case of rehabilitation in a classical way, using die cast models, diagnostic wax up, CBCT scan, surgical guide and a thermoplastic mold of our wax up to achieve provisional methacrylate crowns made intra orally. To deprogram the masticatory muscles and finding the centric occlusion a Lucia Jig is then incorporated in the provisional crowns. After a minimal time of 10 minutes the centric position is located. Adding methacrylate posterior occlusal stability and lateral guidance is optimized, aesthetic and phonetic adaptations are made. If there are neither subjective nor objective problems the next weeks of follow up, we scan our provisional bridge. This virtual bridge then will be positioned on the virtual model and all the parameters controlled. Finally the technician makes the reduction on the virtual structure for later ceramic covering and this design is sent to the zirconia milling machine. Achieving the occlusion in centric relation, reestablishing the TMJ in its physiological position makes us realize full arch rehabilitations with a very good long-term prognosis.



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