The 4 Ps: When payers, providers, pharma industries and

Journal of Forensic Toxicology & Pharmacology.ISSN: 2325-9841

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The 4 Ps: When payers, providers, pharma industries and patients partner together to ensure quicker access to medicine

Hanadi M Nahas

Mersaco, Lebanon

: J Forensic Toxicol Pharmacol


A new era of collaboration among payers, providers and Pharma started years ago to ensure and work towards closing the conventional gaps in drug access. Payers, providers, pharmaceutical companies and patients had a complex relationship. The conventional scenario suggests payers want to cut expenses; pharmaceutical companies are launching innovative therapies at high cost, while providers want high quality care (regardless of cost). Patients expected always pharmaceutical companies to provide services that help them manage their health. Some companies were pioneer in realizing the gap in drug access since 2008-2009, so they are considered advanced in some components, others admitted they need to embed this concept and those who did not have this strategy are considering it. This abstract summarizes what is currently happening in the payer-provider-pharma industry and patient relationship, and how pharma should engage and benefit from the collaboration with payers and others Payers main objective is to ensure the best innovative drugs are available in the formulary without any financial burden on their budget. They realized the need to leverage their skills and assess the drugs cost appropriately while considering the high unmet medical need. As access is a mindset and a culture, a multidisciplinary like approach should be initiated among these 4 stakeholders to understand each other need and concern and collaborate together for the patients benefit. Optimally, we should aim to invite all sides to start increasingly sharing the goals of improving quality, reduced expense and getting the drug as fast as possible to the patient.


Having earned her Bachelor degree in Pharmacy and armed with 23 years of experience in the Pharmaceutical industry,The best way she followed to do that, she felt, was to complement With an extensive her experience of 14 years in sales & marketing, After several experiences in Hanadi’s path, the main period which shaped her skills, competencies was definitely during her services in Roche which lasted for 16 years where she accepted many challenges in several disease areas and contributed positively in the business development and growth Hanadi was Recognized as a high potential expert in Access by in 2012 for after strengthening the understanding of the health care environment in Lebanon.Now Hanadi is Head of Market Access & Policy Department in MERSACO


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