The effect of grafting the horizontal gap distance in n

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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The effect of grafting the horizontal gap distance in non-submerged immediate single tooth implants on hard and soft tissues

Akram Alshammaa

Ain Shams University, Egypt

: Dent Health Curr Res


The purpose of the study was to assess clinically and radiographically the hard and soft tissue responses and aesthetic outcome after grafting the horizontal gap distance in immediately placed non-submerged single implants. Fourteen implants were placed in 11 patients with a tooth in the maxillary anterior aesthetic zone scheduled for replacement with an immediate implant who had at least one adjacent tooth were included in the study. Seven implants were placed in the study group (A) in which the horizontal gaps were grafted with Anorganic Bovine Bone, and 7 implants were placed in the control group (B) without the addition of Anorganic Bovine Bone. Healing abutments were connected to implants in both groups. At 6 months period second stage procedure ensued by taking impressions and fabrications of the definitive restoration. CBCT scans were taken prior to teeth extraction to measure the thickness of the LBP, immediately post-implant placement to measure the size of the HG and at 1 year follow up period to measure the amount of alteration the thickness of LBP. GB was assessed before extraction and at 1 year follow up period and PES values were taken two months post-loading of the implants.



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