The harmful influence of whole body when dental treatme

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The harmful influence of whole body when dental treatment materials is worked as an antenna of electromagnetic waves

Ai Harada

Emi Dental Clinic, Japan

: Dent Health Curr Res


The patient has presented with the neck pain stretching out to the shoulder area, the pain increases when the left arm is stretched to the back. Her left toes also sometimes go numb. Some example of electromagnetic hypersensitivity (ES) symptoms are muscle pain, going the body stiff, etc., so it was examined whether her symptom changed when her mouth was covered with aluminum foil decreasing electromagnetic waves. As a result, her left arm pain stretched to the back was disappeared immediately after her mouth was covered with the aluminum foil. Therefore, at this case, the pain could be caused not by heavy metal contamination and malocclusion but by collected electromagnetic waves. The most influenced dental treatment material around was a dental amalgam filling. The dental amalgam filling was removed under the protective covering. After removing the dental amalgam, the pain was decreased and enlarged range of motion. In addition, the numbness of her left toes improved. Because the symptom decreased immediately after removing amalgam filling, the cause of the pain and the range of motion could be more harmful effect of electromagnetic waves than heavy metal contamination. With the electro-mobiles, smartphones, personal computers, etc. are popular, the amount of electromagnetic waves come large, so in dental treatments the effects of electromagnetic waves must be considered.


Ai Harada has completed his graduation in Dentistry from Tokushima University, Japan.

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