What if…?

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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What if…?

Aleksandar Gulin

University of Zagreb, Croatia

: Dent Health Curr Res


Today’s orthodontic practice is not driven by professional clinical decisions only; it is also highly influenced by the patient’s different demands. Nowadays the internet has enabled a direct access to information, thus enabling the patient to become more easily self-informed and determined in his/her requests. In this lecture, presentation of possibilities of combining corticotomy and its RAP phenomenon, TADs and cortical plates, shall be based on real cases with “what if…?” moments, when the patients posed different kinds of demand, such as: What if we try to save this tooth? What if I don’t want to extract my premolars? What if we only help my GP to place implants and prosthetics by segmental orthodontics instead having braces on all teeth? What if we do it by shortening the treatment to 9 (or 3) months because otherwise, I cannot accept it? 5 cases will be presented in about 45 min long lecture.


Aleksandar Gulin has completed his PhD at the age of 28 years from University of Zagreb School of Dental Medicine and Orthodontic residency as well from University of Zagreb School of Dental Medicine. He is running his own private practice from 2011. He is a vice president of Croatian Society of Orthodontics. He is lecturing in Croatia and internationally as well.


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