When Dentistry takes advantage from IT innovations

Dental Health: Current Research.ISSN: 2470-0886

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When Dentistry takes advantage from IT innovations

Wiem Bouaziz-Zouaoui

Periosystem, France

: Dent Health Curr Res


Dentistry and specifically Periodontology is certainly one of the specialties that has been able to take advantage of new technologies and the digital revolution to support the field of scientific and medical research of which it is a major contributor. With this in mind, I tried to take advantage of the IT revolution by creating the computer tool PERIOSYSTEM. It brings together the revolutionary solutions in computer science, clinical research in Periodontology to facilitate its progress. Indeed, one of the major difficulties of clinical research (including large sample studies) is the time required for data collection, sorting and reporting in a statistically exploitable format, risk of errors due to re-transcription... In this sense, PERIOSYSTEM uses the following new technologies: • Speech recognition: thanks to which the researcher can easily dictate and record the collected data independently. • Motion recognition: that allows to interact with the computer tool while preserving the asepsis (the user, can manipulate the computer without touching anything). • Facial Recognition: to recognize patients and facilitate practitioner / researcher-patient exchanges • The recognition of emotions: which allows for example to automatically collect some data such as pain. • Augmented reality: allows to project on reality a certain number of data selected in the patient file (like the sounding depths for example) • Virtual reality: which provides new communication tools with patients (motivation, explanations...) • Automated analysis of health data collected: allows patients to be sorted according to easily applicable inclusion and exclusion criteria (diabetic patients, smokers, pregnant women, cardiovascular history, etc.). • The intelligent reading of X-rays, which through a gray-scale analysis, allows the application of radiographic selection criteria. From data collected, recorded and sorted, PERIOSYSTEM, allows their export in a statistically exploitable and analyzable format (EXCEL format, for example). IT is a field that is developing at a very dynamic pace and its advances have revolutionized all other sectors. As periodontists seeking to benefit from it is not only legitimate but also desirable in order to reinforce research and improve our practice in the interest of the patient and the practitioner. And I hope that through my presentation I will give many others faith in technology and the future for the best of our profession.


Wiem Bouaziz-Zouaoui has completed her specialization from EFP accredited university of Strasbourg France. She is a private Periodontist and Implantologist in Paris and the scientific chief officer of the company Periosystem She created the innovative software Periosystem and won many prices. She published many papers in reputed journals and has been speaker in many scientific congresses.


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