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Hvidovre University Hospital

October 3, 1968 Copenhagen City Council granted the money to build the first stage of Hvidovre Hospital, which began November 5 1968 foundation stone was laid by the then mayor Edel Saunte August 7, 1970.The first patients arrived at Hvidovre Hospital 4 March 1974 and the official opening took place March 26, 1976 by Queen Margrethe II. It marked the first stage was completed.The second phase was commissioned in 1978-79, and hereby hospital had reached a size of about 900 beds.

In 1989-92 established a large and modern psychiatric ward at Brondby ostervej 160, where there was formerly a nursing home. With 120 beds for psychiatric patients reached the hospital to over 1000 beds.

In recent years, at Hvidovre Hospital and many other hospitals have fewer beds. The reason is that more and more can treat patients without needing to be hospitalized. During the same period, the number of outpatient visits at Hvidovre Hospital increased significantly.Hvidovre Hospital became part of the Copenhagen hospitals that serve the den 1 January 1995.

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