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Polytechnic University of Bari

The Politecnico di Bari is a  research university  which, in accordance with Italian regulations, focuses its activities in the studies of engineering sciences and architecture, is one of the three existing in Italy and the only one of the center-south. Politecnico di Bari has about 11,000 students, divided into degree programs, master's degree and doctorate. The courses cover the main areas of engineering and architecture and are articulated on two sites in Bari and Taranto. Our students have the opportunity to complete their training with periods of study abroad, in other European and non-European universities, under a number of cooperation programs that the Politecnico, with prestigious foreign universities. With some of them it is also foreseen the achievement of the so-called  double degree , a path through which you get a double degree, valid in both states in which the two universities are located.

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