University of Paris Descartes

Paris Descartes University (French: Université Paris 5 René Descartes), also known as "Paris V", is a public research university in Paris, France. It was established in order to succeed the medicine department of the world's second oldest academic institution, the University of Paris (often referred as the Sorbonne), shortly before the latter officially ceased to exist on December 31, 1970, as a consequence of the French cultural revolution of 1968, often referred to as "the French May". It is one of the best and the most prestigious French universities, mainly in the areas of medical sciences, biomedical sciences, and psychology.

Headquartered in the historic École de Chirurgie in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, the university strongly focus on medical sciences (medicine, dental medicine, pharmacy, psychology), biomedical sciences (cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, chemistry, biomedical physic), social sciences (sociology, anthropology, linguistics, demographics, science of education), mathematics, computer science and law.

A major pole of research and learning, Paris Descartes is one of the most prestigious universities in France and the best one in its main domains. On that basis among others, it was rated by the 2013 QS World University Ranking 51-100th in Pharmacy and Pharmacology (1st in France), 101-150th in Biological Sciences (1st in France), 101-150th in Medicine (2nd in France), 151-200th in Psychology (1st in France), and 151-200th in Linguistics (2nd in France).


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