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Research Article, J Sleep Disor Treat Care Vol: 3 Issue: 1

Subjective and Objective Sleep Measures in Older People with a History of Falls

Frances A Batchelor1*, Susan B Williams1, Briony Dow1,2, Xiaoping Lin1, Vanessa Wilkinson3, Karen Borschmann1, Melissa A Russell2, Kate E Crowley3, Keith D Hill1,4 and David J Berlowitz2,3
1National Ageing Research Institute, Parkville, Victoria, Australia
2University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria, Australia
3Institute for Breathing and Sleep, Heidelberg, Victoria, Australia
4Curtin University, Perth, Western Australia
Corresponding author : Frances A Batchelor
National Ageing Research Institute, PO Box 2127, The Royal Melbourne Hospital, Parkville, Victoria 3050, Australia
Tel: +61 3 8387 2383; Fax: + 61 3 8387 2153
E-mail: [email protected]
Received: October 31, 2013 Accepted: December 05, 2013 Published: December 09, 2013
Citation: Batchelor FA, Williams SB, Dow B, Lin X, Wilkinson V, et al. (2014) Subjective and Objective Sleep Measures in Older People with a History of Falls. J Sleep Disor: Treat Care 3:1. doi:10.4172/2325-9639.1000128


Subjective and Objective Sleep Measures in Older People with a History of Falls

Study background: Falls are common in older people, with approximately 40% of those aged 80 and over falling each year. Sleep difficulties in older people have been recognized as a risk factor for falls. Most clinical and research information on sleep in older people, particularly in older fallers has been self-reported. Therefore, the objectives of this study were to describe the level and type of sleep problems in community-dwelling older people who have a history of falls, and to investigate whether sleep difficulties are associated with falls and falls risk. Methods: We undertook a cross-sectional observational study of objective and subjective sleep falls risk and falls history. Thirty-five community-dwelling Veterans or war widow/ers who had fallen at least once in the previous year were recruited. Objective inlaboratory polysomnography and in-home assessment of subjective sleep and falls risk profile were assessed.


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