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A Survey on the Prevalence of Bovine Babesiosis and Its Associated Risk Factors in and Around Wajaale District, Somaliland

Babesiosis is caused by intra-erythrocytic protozoan parasites of the genus Babesia that infect a wide range of domestic and wil`d animals. The disease is tick transmitted and distributed worldwide. The major economic impact of babesiosis is on the cattle industry and the two most important species in cattle, Babesia bovis and B. bigemina. A total of 100 blood samples collected from cattle and examined by thin smear using Giemsa stained the Giemsa stained blood smears revealed an overall prevalence rate of Bovine Babesiosis as 70(21%). Prevalence of the disease was recorded in both sexes, age, housing and nutrition with in all cases insignificant difference were detected (P>0.05). However; association was made between the B. bovis and presence tick in the study areas. Therefore, strong statistically significant difference (P<0.05) was observed. In conclusion the results of this study have indicated that Bovine Babesiosis was moderate in the study area. This result leads to appropriate tick control and strategic prophylactic treatment in order to decrease the current challenges in the study areas.

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