Journal of Neuroscience & Clinical Research#

Editorial Board

Moses Rodriguez

Editorial Board Members: Moses Rodriguez, MD
College of Medicine
Mayo Clinic, USA

Contact Moses Rodriguez

Michel Baudry

Michel Baudry, PHD
Graduate College of Biomedical Sciences
Western University of Health Sciences, USA

Contact Michel Baudry

Lucia M Vaina

Lucia M. Vaina, PHD
Brain and Vision Research laboartory,
Departments of Biomedical Engineering, Neurology and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience 
Boston University, USA

Contact Lucia M Vaina

George Perry

George Perry, PhD
College of Sciences
The University of Texas at San Antonio, USA  

Contact George Perry

Irene Litvan

Irene Litvan, PhD
Department of Neurosciences
University of California San Diego, USA

Contact Irene Litvan

Han-Xiang Deng

Han-Xiang Deng, PhD
Department of Neurology, Feinberg School of Medicine
Northwestern University, USA  

Contact Han-Xiang Deng

Pasquale Calabrese

Pasquale Calabrese, PhD
Division of Molecular and Cognitive Neuroscience
University of Basel, Switzerland

Contact Pasquale Calabrese

Martha E. Shenton

Martha E. Shenton, PHD
Departments of Psychiatry and Radiology
Harvard Medical School, USA

Contact Martha E. Shenton

Tang Wai Kwong

Tang Wai Kwong, MD
Department of Psychiatry
Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, China

Contact Tang Wai Kwong

Klaus Rüdiger Helmut von Wild

Klaus Rüdiger Helmut von Wild, PHD
Department of Neurosurgery
Medical Faculty Westphalian-Wilhelm’s-University, Germany

Contact Klaus Rüdiger Helmut von Wild

Liu Yawu

Yawu Liu, PHD
Department of Clinical Radiology
University of Eastern Finland,Finland

Contact Liu Yawu

Eman Ahmed Zaky

Eman Ahmed Zaky,MD,PhD,DPP Ain Shams University, Egypt

Contact Eman Ahmed Zaky

Athanasios K Petridis

Athanasios K Petridis, PHD
Department of Neurosurgery
University of Schleswig Holstein, Germany

Contact Athanasios K Petridis

Terry Lichtor

Terry Lichtor, PHD
Department of Neurological Surgery
Rush University Medical Center, USA

Contact Terry Lichtor

Christopher T. Whitlow

Christopher T Whitlow, PHD
Department of Radiology
Wake Forest University School of Medicine, USA

Contact Christopher T. Whitlow

Saly H. Elkholy 

Saly H. Elkholy, MD
Department of Clinical Neurophysiology
Cairo University, , Egypt

Contact Saly H. Elkholy 

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