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Journal h-index 5
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Jo Williams (2016) No one wants to talk about this.

Scott W McMahon (2016) An Evaluation of Alternate Means to Diagnose Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome and Determine Prevalence.

Fabienne Giuliani, Béatrice Couchepin Marchetti, Viviane Perrenoud, Pierre El Korh (2016) Is Storytelling Therapy Useful for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders and Severe Mental Retardation? Adv Tech Biol Med 4: 166.

Fabienne Giuliani, Pierre El Korh (2016) Social Skills Group For Adults Living With Asperger's Syndrome. Clinical Psychiatry 2: 3.

Pierre El korh, Fabienne Giuliani (2016) CBT of a Person Living in a Situation of Mental Handicap and Presenting an Anxiety Disorder Coupled with a Specific Phobia. Clinical Psychiatry 2: 7.

Fabienne Giuliani, Pierre El Korh(2015) Social Skills Group for Adults Living with Intellectual Disabilities. Clinical Psychiatry 2: 2.

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