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An Overview of Status of Solar Power in India

In India, solar power is considered one of the most promising energy resources over the conventional energy resources. India is one of the top countries in terms of the energy consumption. Due to the high population, the demand of the energy is continuously increasing every year. Since, the conventional energy resources are still utilizing for the fulfilling the high demand of the energy in the country that is why the level of the air pollution is also increases significantly. In order to overcome such challenges, India is now focusing to establish the solar power plants at greater scale so that the demand of the energy can be fulfill in the most effective way. The shifting towards the renewable energy resources helps the country to reduce the dependency on the conventional energy resources such as coal, petroleum products and nuclear power. India has one of the largest solar power plants in the country which produces the electricity around 5 GW (Gigawatt). This review paper discussed about the status of the solar power in  India. In the future, the utilization of the renewable energy resources not only fulfills the growing demand of the energy in the country but will also reduce the dependency on the other countries for the energy requirement.

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