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Assessing the Lateral Erosion of Main Meandering Rivers in the Mid-Central Part of Vietnam

Until now, predicted methods of lateral erosion of rivers have been not much, especially that are still have not been completed any scientific base. Nonetheless that the article try to test and apply the method of power equilibrium (semi-empirical method) to assess the lateral eroded rate of the mid-downstream of main rivers in the midcentral part of Vietnam as Gianh River, Nhat Le River, Thach Han River, Huong River, Thu Bon River, Tra Khuc River and Ba River. Through research results, they show of almost rivers have the rate of lateral erosion alternated from moderate (2-5 m/year) to strong (5-10 m/year). In particularly, Nhat Le River where commonly weak lateral erosion (<2 m/year) occurs. In addition, the erosion activity are strongly differentiated by space-time and completely depends on the morphological characteristics of river channel, soil composition and ground structure of riverbanks and hydrology - hydraulic regime of each river section. These gathered results are suitable for our field investigation for the in research rivers in period 2012-2015. We propose applying method for wide alluvial anabranching rivers in the mid-central part of Vietnam.

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