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Assessment of hydrographic variables of Salt-pans water of Mumbai, West coast of India

The monthly variation of the hydrographic variables of Salt-pans water of, Mumbai, west coast of India was investigated during a complete salt-production period. Ecologically significant parameters like water temperature, Salinity, pH value, dissolved oxygen (DO), carbon dioxide (CO2), Biochemical oxygen demand (BOD), phosphate, nitrate, nitrite, and silicate were analysed. Samples were collected bimonthly from November 2013- to June 2014 from the selected site of different types of pans (regions) of the Salt production area. The results indicate that hydrological parameters of Salt-pans are very dynamic in nature. It is a great journey of moderate saline, nutrient-enriched brackish water to transform into one of the utmost hypersaline, dead zone aquatic ecosystems. Dissolved oxygen found to be circulated in the aquatic system of different pans of salterns with Standard Deviation of mean value (SD) 1.7188 which is very high, similarly nutrients like Nitrate with SD 0.840, Nitrite SD 7.48, Phosphate SD 3.3278, Silicate SD 1.66. Maximum deviation observed in two factors, temperature ranges from 26C0 to 53 C0 (SD 10.237) and salinity ranges from 22 ppt to 535 ppt. (SD 139.124).

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