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Depression on the Brain Due to Covid-19

COVID 19 being new to the human kind, its eوٴect and severity on the overall health has not been recorded yet, but until now people with chronic ailments like asthma, renal disorders, heart problem, and the geriatric population has been asked to follow extra precautions.COVID-19 has led to internal and external war for the humanity. At one side people are being addressed by external forces and government to maintain social distance, isolation and other hygiene conditions. On other hand some sections of society, especially older adults, children and sick people are ٽghting internally with the fear of uncertain situation rising due to COVID-19 pandemic. Нe current pandemic is heavily impacting the mental health of healthcare workers and the public at large. However, scientists have conducted little research into the mental health impact on individuals with COVID-19.As the crisis evolves and persists, it will be increasingly important for the research community to conduct investigations that address the mental health consequences of COVID-19. COVID 19 pandemic the whole Nation is under lockdown, and looking at the current situation of increasing cases, the situation is likely to continue. While most of the professionals have been instructed to work from home, devoid of a workplace ambience can cause depression and anxiety among many and those with pre-existing conditions. Why do you feel depressed when you have COVID-19 with smell loss? Нe answer could be that the disease caused by the novel coronavirus is attacking your brain.

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